My Story

I began working with wild and domestic animals at the age of one

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This Journey

Once the Cuba to USA for Education team is finalized, and a chase boat and captain

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I am grateful to my many Supporters. Here are links to their organizations and

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Broadband in the Bush

I have been missing my Aussie mates and here is a sample why. Thank you to Elizabeth for sending this to me and giving me a good laugh to start my day! Aussie Computer Terminology Getting ready for Broadband in the bush!!  Just A little bit of Aussie culcha. LOGON: Adding wood to make the […]

30 Knots, Gusting to 60-Spot On!

It was an event even getting to this location last night.  I knew the winds were against me and I wasn’t going anywhere today. I hoped I might be able to catch up with my blog or luxury of luxuries read. It was not to be! The day was spent watching the weather increase in […]


Many thanks to Catherine in Tavernier for her kindness and assistance in helping me pick up packages at the Key Largo post office, supplements at Remedy’s Nutrition. I am so glad to have the supplements back to enhance my performance! We also located white gas for my stove at Backcountry Outfitters. Kristi and JC were […]